dimanche 5 septembre 2010

change - Julie

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I love reading the articles on design in scrapbooking magazine.  I still have burned into my brain the advice to match the color of the clothing in the photograph to the color of your background paper.  This advice, however, comes from a time when we also believed that if one person was wearing blue and the other person was wearing red, you had to make the photo black-and-white because the red and the blue clashed too much in your photo.

Times certainly have changed, haven't they?

I'm always delighted to break the rules and have a little bit of fun.  But I do think being aware of the rules is important.  Otherwise I never would have thought that brown, orange, blue, red, and white could look so good together:


The blue in the photos is popped forward by the strong contrast with the orange and red paint.  (Blue is opposite orange on the color wheel.)  The white (photo backgrounds, title, date, and journaling) is also in high contrast to the dark brown background, as well as the red and orange.  The combination of the high contrast and having grouped all the white items (other than the journaling) together creates a strong and identifiable focal point.  Finally, because the focal point is dominated by white, the miscellaneous strands of journaling feel very much a part of the page, rather than miscellaneous floating pieces.

All of that may seem really complicated to you or it may seem like second nature.  If you're not a person who instinctively gets design, take a class (I have two online classes on design), buy a book, scour the web, and practice.  Once you've got the rules down, it all become instinct and you can start creating good design unconsciously.  It's like learning to read.  At first you have to sound out every word.  After a while you simply recognize words, and finally it becomes second nature.

Here are the rest of the page details:




I used papers from the Invitation au Voyage collection on this layout.

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  1. very funny !!!! a very good idea the journaling !!! I'll remember it for my future "page" !!!!

  2. quel boulot de couture!!!!
    ça rend super bien!!! biz

  3. I love it!! nice journaling, nice theme, and the colors..

  4. Graet great great

  5. Very nice achievement with great artistic sense...
    I love the journaling ;-)


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