samedi 16 octobre 2010

Mazzel (luck) - Birgit

Bonjour a touts!!

Don't you love the fair?! My girl sure does! What she loves most are the machines where you have to try and catch someting and drop it in the box in front of you and then you can keep it. What she also loves are horses... a lot!!! So when we went to the fair and she saw that there were horses to catch she asked me if I would try to catch one for her. I'm usually pretty well in things like that :) but one can't be lucky all the time right? So when I thought I'd spend enough money but still didn't have a horse my little girl was really, really sad. She asked me if she could try one more time herself. OK, I said, here you have 1 euro, you can try twice. But if you don't catch one we really stop throwing money in that machine. And guess what... yep, she catched one!! LOL, her reaction: Well, maybe next time you should let me try right away!

Thought this little story was worth a LO :)

Wat een Mazzel (or so much luck)


Supplies used: Les pages d'ecriture (musicales), Herbier (Cahier d'ecolier, embellishement strips # 1, 2 & 6), C'est petit riens qui... (nous comblent de bonheur) Rose Mocca: Delerium (Cosmopolitan).

C'est le week-end, profitez-en!

Happy scrapping,



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  1. de très jolies fleurs et de la belle dentelle!!

  2. Très belle cette page, pleine de pep's.

  3. j'adore les couleurs et la tonacité de cette page


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