jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Christmas decorations - Birgit


I don't know about you but I'm slowly getting in the Christmas mood here! The tree is in the living room and I'm planning on decorating it this afternoon together with my little girl.

This year it will be hearts and silver. My girl has her own little tree in which she can hang whatever she likes. It will probably have all the colors of the rainbow :)

Today I want to share with you some Christmas decorations I made to hang in front of my window. I used Sultanes beautiful "L'hiver en fêtes"- Christmas line.

What do you need: Jour de fêtes transparency, embellishements strips HF-EO1, HF-EO2, HF-EO5, jewelry thread, squeezing beads, a selection of beads you like, eyelets, chipboard, ribbon.

Cut out the circle images and the little postcards and glue them on chipboard, then cut them out again and cover the backsides with another image. Cut out some doilies from the transparency and make 2 eyelets in all parts. Then hang the seperate parts underneath eachother using jewelry thread with some beads on. Use a nice piece of ribbon at the top to hang them. It's really simple (you can do it in the evening while watching tv) but I think they look really great!

I hung a little bell at the bottom that tinkles a little when the ornament moves :)

Hope you like them! Be inspired!
Happy scrapping!

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  1. J'aime énormement

    C'est délicat et précieux



  2. originales , que d'idées , Merci


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