mercredi 20 avril 2011

Clear cards

Bonjour! And isn't it a beautiful day?! Here in the Netherlands it's 23*C. We had lunch and dinner outside, opened all doors and windows and digged out our flip flops! Oh how I love this!

Today I want to share with you some fun clear cards. All you need for these are some clear bags (craft store), left over pieces of transparencies, letter stickers and some paper scraps. I've added some heart shape candy but you can also use beads, rice or whatever you like.

I adhered little paper hearts, flowers and butterflies to the transparencies before sliding them into the plastic bag. I added the candy to the bag and then I folded a piece of patterned paper to slide over the top of the bag and stapled it on.

The letter stickers are on the outside of the bag.

Of course you could also write your message with a permanent pen either directly on the transparency or on the bag.

Materials used: paper Un petit oiseau m'a dit (POD01, POD05) Alphabets Emb. strips Les Dizos a la menthe (DZ-E16), Le cooeur a ses raisons (CAR-E05), O delices d'Alice (ODA-E03) and La dolce vita (DV-E04) Transparencies: La dolce vita (DV-T01), L'hiver en fetes (HF-T04).

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy scrapping!

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